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KYB Collection Flow

Introduction to Collection Flow

Welcome to the documentation for the Collection Flow feature. The Collection Flow is designed to streamline the process of gathering data from customers through dynamic, wizard-style forms. This feature leverages a custom schema format, enabling the creation of multi-step forms that adapt to the specific needs of your application. Each step in the wizard is represented by a schema, which defines the structure, validation, and user interface elements required for that step.

Key Features

  • Dynamic Form Creation: Define forms dynamically using a custom schema format. This flexibility allows you to tailor the data collection process to suit various use cases and requirements.
  • Wizard-Style Navigation: Break down the data collection process into manageable steps, guiding users through a sequence of pages to ensure a smooth and logical flow.
  • Custom Validation: Integrate JSON schema-based validation to ensure the collected data meets your specified criteria before allowing users to proceed to the next step.
  • Reusable Components: Utilize predefined UI components and form elements, such as text inputs, date pickers, and checkboxes, to build consistent and user-friendly forms.
  • Action Triggers: Define actions that are triggered based on user interactions, such as clicking a button, to perform specific tasks like updating user information or navigating to the next step.