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SDK Backend Configuration


While we offer our own backend for the Ballerine SDK as a default, you can also configure your own backend in case you already have one or you’re just interested in using our UI. This section shows how to configure your own backend.


  • baseUrl - The URL of the backend to use. Set to by default.
  • auth - Used to configure the method of authentication such as jwt or cookie, and the Authorization header.
  • endpoints - Used to configure which endpoints to use for different requests such as starting a verification.

Code Example

The following API can be used to configure the backend configuration - API reference

import { flows } from '@ballerine/web-ui-sdk';

await flows.init({
    // ...
    // Default configuration - every property is optional.
    backendConfig: {
        // Prepended to the endpoints below
        baseUrl: '',
        auth: {
            method: 'jwt',
            authorizationHeader: 'Bearer [JWT]',
        // Appended to the baseUrl above
        endpoints: {
            getConfig: '/v2/clients/{clientId}/config',
            getVerificationStatus: '/v2/enduser/verify/status/{verificationId}',
            processStepData: '/v2/enduser/verify/partial',
            startVerification: '/v2/enduser/verify',
    // ...