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Style Guidelines


This repository makes use of EditorConfig, ESLint, and Prettier to enforce a consistent coding style. These tools are configured under .editorconfig, packages/config/eslintrc.base.cjs, and packages/config/prettierrc.base.cjs respectively. Linting can be done locally by running pnpm lint:fix and formatting by running pnpm format from the root of the monorepo.

Suggested editor extensions

To avoid CI failing due to linting and formatting issues, it is recommended to install the following extensions for your editor and enable format/lint on save.

General guidelines

  • Code indentation of 2 spaces.
  • Maximum line length of 100 characters.
  • Use single quotes for strings.
  • Functional programming first - avoid side effects and mutations.
  • Clarity and readability in mind, descriptive names and comments.

TypeScript & JavaScript

  • Use TypeScript over JavaScript.
  • TypeScript interfaces, enums, and types should live in a types.ts, enums.ts, or interfaces.ts file respectively (src level or co-located to usage).
  • Use modern ES6+ syntax.
  • Use inline named exports over default exports i.e export const isExported = true;.
  • Use const over let where possible.
  • Use arrow functions over function expressions.
  • Avoid over 2 levels of nesting, utilize early returns.
  • Avoid for loops, use Array.prototype.forEach or instead.

Naming conventions

  • kebab-case for file and directory names.
  • PascalCase for class names, TypeScript enums, interfaces, types, and UI components (Svelte, JSX, etc.) file and directory names.
  • camelCase for variables, functions, and methods.
  • Prefix interfaces with I, enums with E, and types with T. i.e interface IMyInterface, enum EMyEnum, type TMyType.
  • Prefix private variables, properties, and methods with __.
  • Prefix unused variables and parameters with _.
  • A function that returns a value should be prefixed with get i.e getUser.
  • A function that sets a value should be prefixed with set i.e setUser.
  • A function that makes an HTTP request should be prefixed with fetch i.e fetchUser.
  • A function that preforms a mutation should be prefixed with create, update, or delete i.e createUser, updateUser, deleteUser.
  • A function that returns a boolean should be prefixed with checkIs i.e checkIsMobile.
  • A variable that holds a boolean should be prefixed with is i.e isMobile.

Project structure

UI components (Svelte, JSX, etc.)

This repository uses the Atomic Design methodology to organize UI components and strives for co-location of files a component owns such as its styling and tests.

├── atoms/
└───── Button/
        ├── Button.svelte
        ├── Button.test.svelte (an implementation Button.svelte to be imported
         by Button.test.ts)
        ├── Button.test.ts
        └── types.ts


├── utils/
└───── get-user/
        ├── get-user.ts
        ├── get-user.test.ts
        └── types.ts