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Open-Source Risk Management Infrastructure

Ballerine is an Open-Source Risk Management Infrastructure that helps global payment companies, marketplaces and Fintechs to automate their decisions for merchant, sellers and users throughout the customer lifecycle. From account-opening (KYC, KYB), underwriting, and transaction monitoring, using a flexible rules & workflow engine, 3rd party plugin system, manual review back office, and document & information collection frontend flows.


  • Back Office - Case management dashboard for manual decision-making.
  • Workflow Engine - Orchestrates and automates the different system’s parts.
  • KYB Collection Flow - Real-time modification of KYC/KYB frontend user journeys.
  • Rule Engine - Leverage various rule types to ensure user compliance with your risk policy.
  • Plugin System - Integrates with 3rd-party vendors, APIs, and databases. see plugins.
  • No-Code Builder - Leverage various rule types to ensure user compliance with your risk policy - 🚧 WIP.

View each component’s current state in the roadmap below.

Why Open Source?

We believe in enabling companies to manage user identity and risk according to their unique and evolving requirements. Ballerine empowers you to create decisioning processes right for you. It is flexible, future-proof, easy to implement, secure, and supported by a robust community.

Explore What You Can Do With Ballerine

  • Dynamic Experience: Adaptive onboarding journeys.
  • Data Ownership: Self-host on-premise to keep sensitive data within your infrastructure.
  • Global Orchestration: Add/change vendors to cater to users from multiple countries.
  • Cost Reduction: Retain control over vendor relationships, costs, and communication.
  • And More.

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KYB Manual Review Example

Contact Ballerine

To start using the paid version or if you need any assistance, reach out to us at Join our Discord Channel and Slack Channel to stay updated and engage with our community.