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Ballerine Installation Guide


Before you can install and use Ballerine, you will need the following:

Install prerequisites

Installation Steps

  1. Clone the project: Use Git to clone the Ballerine repository to your local machine:
git clone && cd ballerine
  1. Switch to the dev branch: After cloning, switch to the development branch:
git checkout dev
  1. Install dependencies: Use pnpm to install all the required dependencies:
pnpm install
  1. Initialize the monorepo: The project is set up as a monorepo. Initialize it using the following command:
pnpm run monorepo:init

Run one of the examples, or follow a guide from the guide sections

Start the KYB example: To start the example flow, use the following command:

pnpm run kyb-manual-review-example

After performing these steps, the backoffice should be running on http://localhost:5137/, the collection flow on http://localhost:5201/ and the workflow service will be accepting calls at http://localhost:3000/.

The default username and password for the backoffice are: