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SDK Translations


The Ballerine SDK’s UI is available in English by default. However, you can add translations to the UI by providing a translations object to the init config.


  • remoteUrl - Alternatively to the overrides object you can provide a URL to a remote JSON file containing the translations.
  • overrides - Expects a locale as a key and an object containing the translations for each flow step such as welcome, and for each of the flow step’s text fields such as title as a value.

Code Example

The following API can be used to configure the SDK’s translations - API reference

import { flows } from '@ballerine/web-ui-sdk';

await flows.init({
  // ...
  translations: {
    // remoteUrl: '',
    overrides: {
      en: {
        welcome: {
          title: 'Verify your identity',
          button: 'Choose document type',
          description: 'We need some information to help us confirm your identity.',
          tip: 'Verifying usually takes a few seconds.'
  // ...