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SDK UI Flows


With Ballerine’s Web & Mobile SDK Flows you can generate custom-made, branded flows to collect KYC/KYB documents and user information. The SDK UI is embeddable inside existing apps or deployed as a web app.

Web SDK Benefits:

  • Pre-made KYC/KYB Templates and UI Packs.
  • Customizable UI and flow to fit your desired experience and brand.
  • Vendor agnostic, use different vendors in the backend.
  • Multi-platform support (Desktop, mobile web, mobile native).
  • Edges cases and long-tail devices covered and tested.
  • Lightweight and performant, built with Svelte (less than 50kb gzipped).

Getting started Click here

Note - We don’t store any data or documents that are being sent in the examples or demos

Some examples of what you can do with it
  • Create a custom flow you can use with any identity verification vendor.
  • Create a custom flow that your customers can receive in an SMS.
  • Create different types of flows for different types of customers.
  • And more…